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Apple IPAD

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Another SMACKER From Apple.  The Ipad is fully equipped with the ability to play videos, browse the web, read digital books and anything u can think of! if your willing to spend up to $829 this is your device.

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Hi from Japan

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Hi y’all! I’m Miyu, a new contributer on this Fly.Union blog. big shout to Swifa for hooking me up.

Well, I know Fly.Union for some years. I’ve seen them ups n downs and hard work they put into so I am really happy for them getting bigger n gettin the fans! thank you for your support and I wanna ask for your never ending support!

I’d like to blog anything I like but I’m tryna keep you guys updated with some cool ish from japan as well. If you have anything that you want me to post about japan or anything leave comments =]

also, check out my blogs too!
<a href="Miyu’s Blogspot
Miyu’s Tumblr


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Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.

-Fight club

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So i just found out yesterday Rhea who was in N.E.R.D  was kicked out of the group. From my understanding she has been in the group since like last October?  “Musically were just somewhere else with her, the music is now very 3-d”(Pharrell says). But other rumors have been swirling around of her being PROMISCUOUS. She was recently spotted out photographed with Chris Brown and 2days later she got the Boot.

A source says that, while she claims to be in her twenties, Rhea is actually 32. She previously sang backup for Keith Sweat, who she also had a sexual relationship with. She was previously signed to DJ Clue, who she also dated. She’s also had relationships with Trey Songz and D-Dot, who reportedly “hates her now,” as well as Q-Tip who is responsible for introducing her to Pharrell in the first place.

Maybe this was a good thing? I have been a fan of N.E.R.D since day 1. I think adding a girl to the equation might F*ck up the rotation.

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